About the Texas Certified Food Manager Examination

The Texas Certified Food Manager exam is a 75-question, multiple-choice test that you can complete 100% online. Candidates have a total of 90 minutes to complete all items. Questions will be presented one at a time, with the ability to review previously answered questions. Ready to quiz yourself? Try our sample exam questions and see detailed answers now.

Using our years of experience in online training for Texas learners, we’ve developed the Texas Certified Food Manager Examination independently from our Texas Certified Food Manager training materials. The exam adheres to the stringent test development and grading criteria mandated by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS). Our courses and exams use specialized identity validation and security standards for your privacy.

Our exam questions are developed using a widely accepted systematic process that ensures the relevance, accuracy, readability and technical quality of each question. Our robust question bank ensures questions will vary from one exam to the next, providing a fair and equal assessment of examinees’ knowledge of up-to-date food safety information.

Exam Content Outline

Below are the specifications of the Texas Certified Food Manager Examination. The table details each topic area covered, along with the percent of questions asked.

Content Domain %
Foodborne Diseases 23%
Food Protection 33%
Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point Plan (HACCP) 12%
Physical Facility Design and Maintenance 11%
Active Managerial Control 21%

You must obtain a score of at least 70% to pass the exam and receive your certification.

Certificate Information

Once you have passed the Texas Certified Food Manager Examination, you will be able to download your official Food Manager Certificate, valid for five years in the state of Texas.


If your certification period is nearing expiration and you wish to become recertified, you must take an approved Certified Food Manager Exam.