Online Food Safety Training Courses

Our certificate programs are designed to give food handlers a simple, affordable and compliant solution for online food safety training.

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Texas Food and Alcohol Training

Satisfy state training requirements for food handlers, food managers and alcohol servers with 100% online food and beverage courses. We offer courses approved by the Texas DSHS and TABC.

Our Texas food and alcohol courses include:

Most food handlers in Texas must complete food safety training within 30 days of employment.

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California Food Handler Card

Our 2.5-hour California Food Handler course meets food safety training requirements set by California law and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The California Food Handler course complies with:

  • ANAB accreditation standards
  • California Food Handler Card Law (SB 303)
  • California Retail Food Code 2018
  • FDA 2017 Food Code

California food handlers must complete a food safety course within 30 days of employment.

Get Your Food Handler Card or Certificate in 3 Easy Steps

1. Register for your course

2. Complete your training

3. Print your card or certificate

What Is a Food Handler Card?

A food handler card, or certificate of completion, is earned after you complete and pass our food handler certificate program. State or local governing entities require most workers in the food service industry to earn and maintain a valid food handler card.

Once you pass the food handler program, you can instantly download a digital food handler card or certificate that you can print and provide to your employer.

Do I Need Food Handler Training?

A food handler is a food service employee who works with unpackaged food, utensils, food equipment or surfaces that come in contact with food. Most workers in the food service industry must complete a food safety certificate program that provides a valid food handler card or certificate.

Types of jobs that require a valid food handler card may include:

  • Line cooks, prep cooks and chefs
  • Servers and wait staff
  • Hosts and Hostesses
  • Bartenders
  • Barbacks
  • Bussers
  • Dishwashers
  • Caterers
  • Bakers and pastry chefs
  • Cafeteria workers

Food safety training requirements vary depending on your state and county, so it's important to ask your employer what type of training you need. If you are the direct supervisor of one or more food handlers, you may require food manager training.

What Will I Learn in the Food Handler Training Course?

To earn your food handler card or certificate of completion, you must demonstrate your understanding of established food safety techniques.

Our online course covers a wide range of food safety topics, including:

  • Hygiene and food safety basics
  • Types of foodborne illnesses
  • How to prevent food contamination
  • Cleaning and sanitization guidelines
  • Time and temperature controls

Mastery of these topics will ensure you are qualified to handle food safely and prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.